LLF Founders

My name is Kristen Wong.  My daughter, Skylen, and I started this school in 2014. 

She was 6 at the time and had told me over & over that traditional school was not working out for her.  At first, I assumed it was a phase but, instead of getting easier,  it seemed to be getting worse.  She was creative and proactive when left to her own devices, but remained a girl that adamantly refused to do homework.  Her brother, on the other hand, rather enjoys the "game" of school and seems inspired by the challenges that traditional school provides.  But in Skylen, I saw my happy-go-lucky, free-spirited daughter slowly turning into someone that was timid and argumentative.   

The Wong Cats

After researching the subject and learning about things like School Refusal, Unschool, and the Education Revolution, I found out we were not alone in our school struggles.   Without a firm plan in place, I decided to pull her out of her 1st grade class mid-year.

As for my personal background, while I have a trail of letters following my name, including a J.D. and an M.B.A.,  which "prove" that I was a success in school, I too have always felt that the traditional school model left me sensing I was not "good enough."  I have found renewed interest in my path of self-discovery and consider myself a Lifelong Learner.

Wong Kids

What I learned through my daughter and through my research is that some children do not thrive in a hierarchical school system.  For some children, the "requirement" of learning takes all the "joy" out of learning.  Rather than trying to get her to fit into the mold of traditional school, I decided to figure out how to make school mold around her.

And that's how the Life Lived Freely Spirit Center was born.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you.