We are all divine spirits, but some of us have lost our way.  It's the dawning of a New Age; an Age of Self Discovery, an Age of Connected Presence, an Age of Collaboration, an Age of Inner and Outer Peace.

Our school welcomes children back into everyday life.  We offer a place for both children and adults to congregate to pursue their passions and share ideas.  We are all fellow souls on this earth and we are all here to teach each other & to learn from each other.  

The Life Lived Freely Spirit Center is a place for people to come together and say, "Here is the truth that speaks to me.  What truth speaks to you?"  and "This is what makes me come alive.  What makes you come alive?" 

It's a place that nurtures confidence and faith in our soul's ability to guide each of us through life.

It is the School of Being Alive.  Beautifully, gracefully, gratefully, clumsily, passionately, truly, and fully alive.